Individuals are born smart and curious. And with our modern age today a lot of discoveries are on fad. One of these is bitcoin or BTC. There are people knowledgeable about it knows it’s possible and others may be confused with it or believe that it’s something without worth.
Initially, BTC is made as a prize for a process known as mining. They may be exchanged for other services, products, and currencies. You can change bitcoin into USD or pesos or with any other currency. You can also pay bills and purchase property with Bitcoin. In 2015, lots of dealers and sellers recognized and accepted that this digital currency as a payment.

Now, however, cryptocurrency has seemed to have a fantastic potential of changing the world. And seemed like it now. Many corporations and banks internationally are becoming into the present trend to offer their own crypto solutions.

Bitcoin was made by an anonymous person or a group of people under the title Satoshi Nakamoto. It premiered in 2009 as open-source software. This is the first worldwide digital currency because as the system operates without a single administrator or a single lender. Transactions are made between the users, without a mediator. The transactions are recorded in a public dispersed ledger known as blockchain and are confirmed through cryptography using network nodes. People have to understand it is not a mere asset to possess but is a useful tool which may be used in the worldwide payment method.

Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency
Where can we utilize cryptocurrency?
All these are the common uses of crypto:


•Buying and Selling

Additional uses:

•For Education

There are also universities in the world today that accept BTC as a payment for tuition prices thru bit pay.


Travel around the world with BTC.


You can also use this for charity purposes.

Bitcoin Later on

BTC comes from the technological revolution. It’s a digital currency (product) used by men and women who have it all around the world as a way of exchange without linking to the authorities.

In the not too distant future, cryptocurrency will still draw interest and opposition. In countries where currency flows are problems to strict control of the authorities. This currency offers a means to shift wealth to areas of the planet where limitations are not that difficult. And because BTC trades are unknown, this cryptocurrency will still continue to draw trades associated with illegal actions.
It’s vibrant this cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin is still gaining attention and interest to be used around the entire world.
Major trades of bitcoin happened in China. Nearly all Bitcoin transactions happened in China. Even the huge instability of bitcoin’s worth in early 2017 that took the price from $1000 to $800 on precisely the same day was speculated from China.
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